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Compass Rose Leadership Consulting, LLC is a boutique leadership consulting firm delivering personalized executive coaching to individuals and small teams across a variety of industries.

Compass Rose caters to the unique needs of our clients through thorough research and preparation in order to ensure they are fully supported throughout the process.

We strive to partner our clients in their leadership journey, empowering them to maximize their potential and impact on the organizations and communities they serve.

Executive Coaching

Why Coaching?

Let’s face it – it’s lonely at the top. As leaders, often our focus is on our organizations and the people in them. Often, our own growth and development sit on the back burner, especially as our organizations grow and our level of responsibility increases.

But leadership is dynamic and personal. It requires routine reflection and maintenance to ensure we are performing at the level our organizations deserve. This is where coaching comes in – our experienced leadership coaches will partner with you to explore the areas of development that are most important to you. We use innovative and tested methods to examine how you lead and what habits and behaviors you want to develop to improve your impact.

Team Coaching

Most organizations are formed of a series of smaller teams, working together to achieve a common goal. Maximizing the impact of these smaller teams optimizes the goals of the organization.

Team Coaching is a great way to assist small groups in coming together in a way that maximizes the strengths of each member. Team coaching can help groups develop methods of productively approaching conflict and disagreement.

Sue Gannon


Sue is an experienced leadership coach and organizational change agent with over two decades of experience. As an Army officer, she has led teams at all levels specializing in civilian and military relations in conflict environments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sue served as a strategic leadership consultant for Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. She has a passion for leader development and team coaching and believes many leaders possess a tremendous amount of untapped potential. Sue holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.A. in Management and Leadership from Webster University. She recently completed Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching certificate program and is on track to receive the International Coaching Federation’s Professional Certified Coach accreditation.


Sue was kind, thoughtful, and compassionate while also being direct, challenging and goal-oriented.

Leah F.

Sue is thoughtful in her approach, organized in her communication and thought-provoking with her clients. She encourages me to think about things from a different perspective which has illuminated my awareness in a new way and encouraged me to lead from a different perspective. She has highlighted areas for improvement while encouraging me to recognize my skills & strengths to hone my professional self-confidence.

Cyndi S.

Leadership coaching helped me understand my needs for myself and expectations I could share with others to develop a fruitful relationship be it leading or learning. I was able to grow my role and become a more impactful voice in my organization through the work done with Sue.

Jourdan J.

Throughout the course of my coaching, I’ve developed a better awareness of what matters to me. I’d never had the space, know-how, or confidence to take such a deep examination of myself and was really able to do that with Sue. This journey of self-discovery and self-awareness has really impacted how I approach my work and my colleagues because I come into environments better informed about what I bring to the table, what I need, and how I want to communicate both of those things. I was really able to identify my values and my goals and then ALSO turn it into a series of action items. This felt very empowering.

Sanika B.

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